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    I'm trying to follow this guide:

    But I'm somewhat adapting it from a different guide that uses an avisynth script for deinterlacing, and then I use MeGUI to open that script. If I want to use Mencoder as the author suggests, how do I use it with my current avisynth script? Is there a good GUI for Mencoder that has all config settings available?
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  2. "all config settings available" I highly doubt it, mplayer/mencoder has really lots of options.

    Here is an example call using mencoder do open an .avs file and feed it to x264:
    mencoder -really-quiet -of rawvideo -o - -ovc raw -vf scale,format=i420 -forcedsubsonly -nosub -nosound -mc 0 "H:\Temp\encodingTempAvisynthSkript_16_13_02_7910.avs" | x264 --crf 18 --input-csp i420 --fps 25000/1000 --input-res 640x352 --output "H:\Temp\test_16_13_02_7910_03.264" -
    Here is an example encoding .avs to Xvid using mencoder:
    mencoder -ovc xvid -xvidencopts bitrate=1500:me_quality=6:rc_reaction_delay_factor=100:rc_averaging_period=16:rc_buffer=100:quant_type=h263:min_iquant=1:max_iquant=31:min_pquant=1:max_pquant=31:min_bquant=1:max_bquant=31:max_key_interval=250:quant_type=h263:max_bframes=2:bquant_ratio=150:bquant_offset=100:bf_threshold=0:vhq=2:bvhq=1:curve_compression_high=0:curve_compression_low=0:overflow_control_strength=10:max_overflow_improvement=10:max_overflow_degradation=10:trellis:noqpel:nogmc:nocartoon:chroma_opt:chroma_me:nointerlacing:par=ext:par_width=1:par_height=1:closed_gop:nopacked:threads=8 -vf scale,format=i420 -forcedsubsonly -nosub -nosound -mc 0 "H:\Temp\encodingTempAvisynthSkript_16_14_45_7410.avs" -force-avi-aspect 1.81818 -of avi -o "H:\Temp\test_16_14_45_7410_03.avi"
    the call mainly is that lengthy since I set a lot of Xvid parameters.
    Here's an example using mencoder to directly encoding video only to H.264:
    mencoder  -ovc x264 -x264encopts preset=slow:tune=film:crf=22 -of lavf -o "h:\Output\test.mp4" -forcedsubsonly -nosub -nosound "H:\Temp\encodingTempAvisynthSkript_16_13_02_7910.avs" -vf scale,format=i420
    btw. the tutorial shouldn't be named "Encoding the perfectionist's way.", since using these settings is really that the preset they are based on is named 'placebo' for those who thing that simply blindly turning up settings is a good idea.
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