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  1. I'm using this program to convert a variable framerate video to a 30fps H.264 MP4 video.

    I converted the lossless videos to H.264 and now I have to convert them again so Adobe Premiere can actually understand them without being out of sync.

    PROBLEM is, the newly converted 30fps videos dont look as crisp/clear when in motion but I took some snapshots in VLC and frame by frame they look the same. I'm losing the clarity when it's in motion though. Clarity being, arms and limbs look way less clear when people are running and such, because this is a bunch of high speed gameplay footage recorded from fraps and converted using their original framerates (variable)

    Is there any way for me to convert these videos without losing anymore information when it's in motion? and have the whole thing be progressive, or no frames blended at all, with nothing interlaced and compressed down and lost further?

    hope my question is clear enough because I'm trying to avoid losing more info when my video is in motion. Thank you.

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  2. Alright, Think I found it, I think it has to do with Motion Estimation on the re-encodes. I turned that up and it got better a bit. More testing needed to perfect whatever's going on but that definitely makes it quite a bit better.

    Anybody who knows this in-depth think I'm working in the right area?
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