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  1. Thanks for a great site full of information.

    I'm a great fan of dts albums whether they are studio originals or someones upmixes.

    I currently have a pile of dvds which contain in the region of 200 tracks each from the 60's to the present, of which I would like to keep some of the tracks to make my own compilation.

    The audio is in .vob format and going by the ifo file there are 90 tracks per vob.

    I did manage to extract a vob to goldwave but would have needed a screen 20feet wide in order to stretch the audio to see recognisable track starts and finishes.

    Probably all wrong how I'm doing it, help grately appreciated.

    Another quickie, some albums I download the tracks are .dts which is not recognised by my dvd player, is there an easy conversion to .wav keeping the dts information.

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  2. The thread title says you want to know how to get the DTS audio out of the DVD. One answer is PGCDemux. Open the IFO, choose the PGC (if there are many), select 'demux all audio streams', give it an output folder, and 'Process!'
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  3. Ok thanks, will give that a try.
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  4. Using PGC mode with menus box ticked under domain I get nothing, with titles box I get one single file with all the tracks together.

    The only other way I can see with this program is to chose single cell mode and titles then I would have to go through 199 tracks one by one.
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  5. Right, that was my next suggestion if they were all in a single PGC - demux by cell or perhaps VOB ID.
    The only other way I can see with this program is to chose single cell mode and titles then I would have to go through 199 tracks one by one.
    Yep. You can do it using DVD Decrypter, get them all at the same time and already split by cell, but it's a bit more involved. With the DVD in the drive, set DVD Decrypter for IFO mode and in Tools->Settings->IFO Mode->File Splitting, choose 'by Cell ID'. But that's not all. You have to have it give you not the VOBs but the DTS tracks. Back in the main screen hit the 'Stream Processing' tab, check the 'Enable Stream Processing' box and choose what you want.
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  6. Thanks manono, your help is gratefully appreciated.

    Managed to extract the tracks, once I have my selections how do I re-author them back to dvd format ...... I'm not bothered about a menu setup, would take forever I think.

    So I have differering tracks named "VTS_03_VOBID_001_CELLID_020_1" for example, can I change there names to 001.vob, 002.vob etc or is there a format they have to stay in.
    Also the original ifo file will be different, how do I amend that.

    Sorry if this is all basic stuff but it is a new venture for me.
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  7. You want to take some of these tracks and make a DVD of them? Is that right? Then you should have mentioned that to begin with. You could have taken the original DVD and removed the tracks you didn't want.

    Or, if you've got multiple DVDs and you want to combine a bunch of tracks from different DVDs into a single DVD, you could do that as well. There are several ways to go about this. One is to take those individual VOBs, one for each song, and add them to an authoring program, one like DVD Styler, and have it combine them into a single DVD. If all the tracks are already DVD compliant, it won't reencode.

    Or, using VobBlanker, open a DVD and go into the Cells screen. By using a combination of the 'Replace' button to replace songs you don't want with ones you do (they'll have to be little 'mini-DVDs'), and the 'Blank' button to remove what you don't want, you can accomplish what you want.
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  8. Getting there, just a bit of fine tuning.
    Dvd decrypter and dvd styler seem to be the way to go for quickness.

    Experimenting I was extracting only the audio but styler was looking for video content, extracting both video and audio I realised it was also preserving the track name from the menu so that was a plus.

    Question ... Starting a new project in styler there is a setting for audio bitrate (192 default) does this affect what I'm trying to do and if so what should I be aiming for, also leaving the video format as the original ntsc will that cut down on conversion time.

    Also I notice I've gone from dts audio to ac3 dolby digital audio, is the difference negligable.

    Finally .dts .... I've previously downloaded some albums and the tracks are .dts files. Is there an easy way to convert them to dts cd format if thats the way to go.

    Thanks again.
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  9. Unless you want to make the DTS file smaller by reencoding it to AC3, you just want DVD Styler to author those files, and not reencode either the audio or the video. But, yes, for authoring you need both audio and video, so there's no point is demuxing the audio files. That is, you don't need to do what you said you wanted to do in both the thread title and your first post - extract the audio. Which is why I said you should have mentioned that at the beginning.

    If I were you, I'd extract only the cells you want to include in a compilation DVD - the VOBs and not just the audio. And then open any of the DVDs in VobBlanker and replace the cells you don't want with ones you do want. Doing it that way you'll also need the IFOs for each of those VOBs. Or add all the VOBs you want in the compilation to DVDStyler and author them, making sure nothing gets reencoded unless you want the audio reencoded.
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  10. but styler was looking for video content
    DVDStyler is for authoring a video-DVD so a video track is needed. Also note that even though DVDStyler allows you to "Copy" a DTS track as the only audio track this is stricktly not legal. You need one of mandatory audio track format.

    convert them to dts cd
    Do you mean an ordinary audio CD? That would be PCM format. You can convert with MediaCoder. Disable video. Select PCM for audio format with a 44100 Hz samplingrate and a bit depth of 16 and select stereo for the sound. Then you can burn a CD with Nero.
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    Originally Posted by nalla View Post
    Finally .dts .... I've previously downloaded some albums and the tracks are .dts files. Is there an easy way to convert them to dts cd format if thats the way to go.

    Thanks again.
    Is there an easy way? Hell no. It can be done, but I'm just going to be blunt - I think it may be too advanced for you. videobruger told you how to convert to regular CD audio which is not what you asked about. He may not understand your question or realize that DTS CD is a true format. If you really want to go down the DTS CD path, there are guides on the internet on how to do it. You may already know this, but just to be clear - normal CD players cannot play DTS CD. There absolutely has to be something in the path, either a receiver or the player itself (this means a DVD or BD player), that can decode DTS or it just sounds like white noise when you play it.
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  12. @jman98

    Thanks for your input, was hoping for an easy fix but as you say probably too complicated and not worth the effort for the odd albums I've seen.
    My cinema system plays the dts cds with no problems.


    Still trial and error, will have a look into vobblanker again ..... it's just finding the time, lol

    Sorry for what I'm asking for doesn't pan out to be what I'm looking for .... down to my lack of knowledge and terminology.

    Again thanks for everyones help.
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  13. Oh so it's a home cinema system.

    I don't know which system of course but my guess is it would support an USB device and generate a menu for the content of such disc. It would also support simple "data" files without the need for any DVD authoring or the like. And where I live the price for USB storage is half of that of DVD. And you wouldn't need to have a pile of DVD lying around.

    Is this something you have considered? Info on the make and model of the system might be useful.
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  14. @videobruger

    Good point, never actually gave that a thought but I'm not really bothered about quantity.
    At present I'm keeping around 50 tracks from a compilation of 199 tracks/dvd which is more manageable.


    Better results with vobblanker now I have a rough idea what I'm doing. I'm finding it quicker to play the tracks on my dvd player and write down the track numbers I'm keeping and then blank the rest (looks as though you should be able to play them in the program but didn't work for me).

    Once again thanks to all for the help ...................... until the next project!
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