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  1. Using MeGUI to extract HD tracks I brought my footage into Vegas with this script:

    LoadPlugin("X:\Users\#####\Desktop\Video Tools\MeGui\tools\ffms\ffms2.dll")
    FFVideoSource("D:\Movie\F1_T2_Video - .mkv")

    Both the MKV and the script seem to be fine when viewed, but once I started making cuts in Vegas, grey glitches happened at 3 intervals of the film. The odd thing is, if I make adjustments to the cuts I made, it seemed to affect where the glitches showed up. It shows a few frames of grey, then a random couple of frames from another part of the film, then resumes continuity. The audio is fine, and the film remains in sync.

    Has anyone seen this before?

    Click image for larger version

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  2. How are you loading the .avs into vegas? avfs ? or digital intermediate?

    Because some frames appear mixed up with cuts/non linear seeks - if you're using avfs, it will become sluggish/slower, but more accurate if you add seekmode=0

    FFVideoSource("D:\Movie\F1_T2_Video - .mkv", seekmode=0)

    Or using a lossless digital intermediate should solve your problems
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  3. Sorry, just when I thought I'd mentioned everything...

    Thanks for the response. I'm using Pismo File Mount Audit Package to create a virtual AVI.
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