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  1. I've just recently delved into adding subtitles to video files. My goal is simple - I have .srt and .mkv files and want the subs burned into a resulting mp4 file via handbrake.

    My Sony BDP-S5100 ignores mp4/srt file combos even when the files have the same names and I've run the mp4 and srt through handbrake. If anyone knows how to get the Sony player to display the srt's, then that's an acceptable alternative to the rest of this post. Is it as simple as changing the mp4 extension to avi? I read that somewhere for a different sony player but haven't tried it yet...

    Currently I convert the .srt to an .idx and .sub using txt2vobsub.

    I then load the .mkv and .idx into mkvmerge, uncheck all the subs except for the one I've just added, and mux to a new mkv.

    I then open that new mkv file in handbrake, go to the subs tab, add a subtitle, and the vobsub shows up.

    I select it, choose "burn in" and start transcoding to mp4. Half an hour later, I have an mp4 file with the subs burned in.

    But.... txt2vobsub doesn't support resolutions above NTSC or PAL at 720x480 or 576, so consequently my burned in subs in the final 1080 or 720 mp4 appear in the middle of the picture and off to the left.

    Is there another program out there that can do the vobsub conversion where I can select what resolution the resulting vobsub will be? Or do I need to alter my process/types of files involved to accomplish a 1080 mp4 with burned in subs centered at the bottom?

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  2. BDSup2Sub, Subtitle Edit

    PS HandBrake can hardcodec ASS as well
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    Load the mp4/mkv and srt into mkvmerge and save as a new mkv file,it will play in your sony with the subs.No need to burn or use vob subs.
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    The IDX/SUB format is a direct translation from off the DVD. As such, it is TIED to DVD's resolutions. The *.SUB files are just specifically-formatted picture files, so it is conceivable that you could upscale them to HD sizes. However, that could render them unplayable by players that don't expect "DVD Subs" to have greater-than-DVD resolution. If all you are doing is the pre-muxing and then then burn-in, you might still get it to work. Problem would be in the reading & writing of the sub file in a photo editor (Photoshop, Gimp, Irfranview,, PSP, etc).

    Here is a link to how the DVD subpictures are formatted:

    Alternately, I would pursue finding an alternative format that MP4 or MKV can work with. I would think it possible in QTPro to use SRTs with MP4s and burn-in.

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  5. Thanks all! Subtitle Edit does exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Thanks to johns0 for the tip about mkv's playing subs properly on the DVD player - I prefer mp4 because I don't mind the quality trade off and the files are a lot smaller (thus I can cram more of my collection onto one hard drive), but I'll keep your advice in mind, thanks!
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