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    Hi folks, hope you can help me, but please be gentle as I really am a newbie and not sure where to post it.
    I have a DVD of a band that I was in. it is in UDF format and is 3.21 GB.
    I would like to convert it to another format so that i can then edit it, ie; change it from one continuous video to separate tracks. I woild also like to be able to share tracks on youtube/facebook ect.
    Cheers for any help.

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    This will probably be an un-protected dvd so...

    1. Copy/paste all the files from the disk to a folder on your HDD
    2. Use vob2mpg to create a single .mpg video file
    3. The simplest program to, as you put it, 'edit' is avidemux. Just load your .mpg file and use the mark-in mark-out markers to create single track videos. You can leave these as mpg2 by selecting copy as the video format and copy as the audio format within this program of select another format within that program.

    Others may suggest other solutions.
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