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  1. Using Nero Recode to create either lower bit rate and/or reduced resolution (say 320x240) AVC files,
    is there a way to burn them on a DVD for playback on a stand alone BluRay player ?

    I can use Nero to create AVCHD/DVD discs but I'm seeking 6-8-10 hours of playback time which Nero wont author.
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    Amount of time available is totally dependent upon bitrate. If you are going ~10Hours, that is just short of 1Mbps (A+V) on a SL DVD-R. Doable, if not great quality.

    Can a Blu-ray player play it? Since we're not talking about a universal, authored standard here, the answer is, as always: it depends on the player (and the encoded format).
    For many modern, full-featured players, encoding AVC ~MP@L3.0 @ ~800kbps (with AAC-LC stereo audio @ 64kbps) and encapsulated in an MP4 would be a good bet for success. Of course, YMMV.

    Can't get Nero to do that? Then don't use Nero. There are plenty of other apps (many of them free) that can do a better job anyway. Start by checking out MeGUI, or Handbrake.

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