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  1. hy,

    I'm an utterly newbie at video streaming, so I would really appreciate help.
    I would like to live stream lectures given at our school over an "ordinary" ADSL connection for students who can thus follow the lecture at a distance. Now, the thing is that I would like that at the other end, the lecture can be projected on a screen by a video projector.

    Is this feasible? I know there's a whole bunch of things involved: codecs, latency etci etci... but that's the reason I asked for help.

    1 Is it possible to have a discreet setup? Most people get upset when the're in front of a laptop with a webcam staring at them... Could this be done with f.ex. an iphone?

    2 I guess a low bitrate codec is necessary. x264? Is h265 already usable?

    Thanks for any help
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    Is it feasible? Yes.
    Will it have good quality? Depends greatly on guaranteed upload & download data speeds (as well as on your encoding).
    Can you do it? Depends on your current equipment & your budget & time-to-live deadlines.

    BTW, "x264" is a specific implementation of a codec software, using the h.264/AVC format. You mean h.264.
    And NO, h.265 is NOT ready for common day-to-day usage yet (encode times alone would not approach even close to realtime).

    Is it possible to be discreet? Yes, but you should be informing your "subjects" that you are recording them anyway, in which case it won't take long before a camera becomes just part of the background. iPhone is NOT much of an improvement, plus you have the incompatibilities introduced by the use of VFR in iPhone's recording.

    Can't give you more detail until you give us more detail.

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