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  1. I have trawled through this forum and think I've got a handle on how to go about archiving my VHS footage on the computer, but there is a lot of different advice and I'm a complete novice, so any comments on the below would be appreciated.

    PAL capture is from a low-end VCR via composite, passed through a Panasonic DVD recorder (to correct horrid timing errors), to a USB-Live2. I'm happy with the video quality from this. So for archiving, I gather a simple path would be to capture using vdub with HuffyYUV (720x576, 25 FPS, YUY2 source) to create an AVI file without any filtering? Then use a copy of this file to play around with post-processing in vdub (or other programme) and encode as MPEG-2 or similar for sharing and web use?

    I'll start with settings similar to those danno78 posted a while back, with Fast Recompress and audio sourced from the USB-Live2:

    At Video tick:
    Video Source> composite Capture Pin > 25 Frame rate, Color space YUY2, Output size 720x576
    Capture Filter: Filters properties > you can raise the volume up to 255, Video decoder > Pal
    Crossbar: Video Composite In
    Output > Audio Decoder Out = audio line in <Input, Also tick Related Link Stream
    Compresion > Huffyuv or Lagarith

    At Audio tick these:
    Enable audio capture
    Volume meter
    Don`t tick Enable Audio Playback during capture because you get dropped frames
    Capture Device
    Source Audio> Audio Line

    At Capture tick only > Timing > Do not resync between audio and video stream
    Automatically disable resync when integrated audio / video capture is detected

    From the File> Set Capture File

    Does this all sound reasonable?
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