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  1. That has no .ifo, but just single .vob? E.g. I extract each episode from the DVD using VobBlanker's Extract button for each ep, and I select it to extract to a single .vob, but then I cannot rip subtitles from it because e.g. VSRip requires .ifo.

    I tried eac3to cmd line, but it extracted to .srt all messed up. Anyway, I need it to be original .idx/.sub Any ideas? Or does it have to be always with .ifo? I have no problem extracting audio from vobs with no ifos and etc. Why can't I have same with subtitles?
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  2. You could use IfoEdit to create an .ifo file and the use VSRip.
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  3. I kind of already knew that, I can simply blank everything via VobBlanker except the ifo and the episode, and do that for each, but that just creates mess with extra useless files for just subs to get.

    So in other words no chance without .ifo?
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  4. Have you tried PGCEdit to get a SUP file for each episode? You'll need the entire DVD including the IFOs. SUPs can be instantly converted to VobSub using SubtitleCreator. If each episode isn't in its own PGC, then try by VOB ID instead.

    You can't get VobSubs from VOBs alone as there's information about them in the IFOs. You can OCR them to some text-based sub (SRT, SSA, whatever) using SubRip. And depending on how they're authored (if each episode is in its own PGC), you can get VobSubs directly from VobSub Configure (part of the VobSub package) by choosing the right PGC after opening the IFO.
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  5. Yeah you right, this DVD happen to have each episode in separate PGC. Thanks!
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