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  1. Hi all.

    I need some help but first, I dont speak in english very well so Im sorry about further mistakes. Please, try to read and understand me.

    I have downloade an anime (Neon Genesis Evangelion) in 4:3 HD resolution. The problem is that the guy who encoded it set the HD to 1280x720 so the image is stretched.

    What I want to do is to re-encode these episodes but I want to have the videos in 4:3 HD aspect (in 960x720 resolution) and then I want to crop the video so I can make it real hd resolution (the source videos are good and has no texts on the bottom or the sides, so i can crop the up and down and make it real 1280x720).

    My question is: Is that possible to do it with HandBrake without needing re-encode the episodios twice?

    I was thinking about re-encoding the videos to 960x720 and the re-enconde again but this time cropping the videos so the episodes can be real HD 1280x720. But I would like to have less work on that. Is that possible guys? If so, please somebody explain me?

    Again, Im sorry about my english.
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    Crop 90 on the top and bottom, set anamorphic to custom and height to 720. That should do it.

    -edit- Set Width=1280, Par Width=1, Par Height=1
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