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    I've been trying to find a manual for BDEdit as well as googling for an answer to my specific question without success.

    It's about a BD I have which automatically jumps to the main title at startup instead of displaying the top menu. Since it seems that multiAVCHD doesn't include the option to make the menu appear first, it looks like BDEdit is one of the few programs which might be able to do this.

    Could please someone give me some ideas about where can I locate the option to force display first the main menu at startup? I guess it must be at the "playlist" tab, but I'm not sure and, honestly, I have no idea of what changes each parameter since I haven't found any kind of documentation about this program.

    I'm also interested to know where are located the parameters which force some subtitles stream to appear.

    Any useful answer will be highly appreciated.
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