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  1. My laptop (xp, 1gh cpu, 512mb memory, usb1) cannot play anything above SD ( standard definition, 720x576). The first number definitely cannot be above 720, or the laptop will choke. Doesn't matter whether I use vlc or Media Player Classic. It's a hassle always having to convert the videos to SD.
    My question is: are there any xp laptops that can play standard HD, (which seems to be getting popular on the web)?
    If so, what parameters in the laptop do I need to look for ( cpu, memory, internal video parameters, etc)?
    I like xp because I can get the computers cheap or free, and I have a lot of software that works on xp and might not work on Windows 7.
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  2. MPC-HC no longer supports DXVA on XP (it only supports DXVA2), but you could use an older version. Or the current version supports hardware decoding via Nvidia CUDA or Intel's Quicksync. I know nothing about the latter but I use my old Nvidia 8600GT for hardware decoding (h264 video) while running MPC-HC and XP all the time. It works fine and the CPU sits around not doing much at all. I haven't had much experience with laptops, but it should work the same way.

    Here's a list of CUDA enabled GPUs

    The LAV video decoder configuration in MPC-HC. I think VLC supports some form of hardware decoding but I don't use it myself so I've no idea how to enable it or what configurations it supports.

    Click image for larger version

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