So I have what seems to be a rare scenario, as I couldn't really find anything on this after several hours of searching, but here we go.

I have a Windows 7 PC running MediaShout 4, which is a program for displaying song lyrics on a projector or screen for the congregation in a church (among other uses).

I need to send the video from Monitor 2 (which is the projector feed) to our video mixer, which accepts Composite, S-Video, and DV via 4-pin FireWire. We've tried VGA-to-Composite, but that fails due to the projectors being at the weird resolution of 1280 x 800. The projectors need to be run at that resolution, as it is optimum for them.

My next idea was to try to capture the screen, then stream it via FireWire to the mixer.

What are my options here? Open to anything, as long as it works.

Also, the graphics card has an HDMI out, but the MediaShout 4 application doesn't seem to allow two monitors to show the same image, rather one shows the regular image and the third monitor displays a 'stage monitor', which seems to only really display cues for people onstage, which is not what I need. Just letting you know of that port in case it helps.

Sorry for the lengthy post.