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  1. Hello [= thank you for posting the instructions

    I'm using version 2.63 x64. The SRT is hardcoded fine, but the contrast/colors of the image are heavily changed. All video filters are off. I tried setting constant quality to 0 (highest quality) but it didn't make a difference. Do you know how I can fix this or if there are other reliable ways for me to hardocode SRT onto an image?
    Thank you
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  2. Can someone kindly answer a nagging few questions for me please. I used Vidcoder to hardcode the subtitles (.srt file) into my Mp4 and it worked for a couple of movies.....but on my 3rd movie it doesn't want to hardcode the subtitles anymore.

    1. Is there something wrong with my movie? with the .srt file (should ANY .srt file work or are there some .srt files that work better than others)?

    2. What settings should I change?

    Thank you
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