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  1. But not something as complex as DVD Lab Pro.

    I've been struggling with the fact that my program of choice, TMPG Enc DVD Author 4, only allows 2 audio tracks. If I need to make a custom disc with more than 1 audio commentary, I am out of luck.

    Occasionally, I have made discs with DVDStyler, which is a very flexible program and would be even better if it worked more than 1 out of every 20-25 uses. A few discs plays back on my Oppo, but almost nowhere else (not VLC, not MPC), and updating it to the newest versions of DVDStyler and simplifying the menus hasn't been effective if I try to replicate it. I have already posted on their forum asking for help, when I get errors like "ERR: Cannot jump to chapter 3 of title 1, only 2 exist
    ERR: in VTSM pgc 5, button button03" or a constant problem where the produced VOBs were 4 GB smaller than they were supposed to be.

    So I'm looking for any mid-level authoring software that allows more than 2 audio tracks and has more than basic menu design. I've tried Powerdirector but the menu design was limited, and importing subtitles was a hassle (only about 1/4 of the file would come through). AVStoDVD seems to have no way to have more than 1 menu item on a page (and the 3 audio track limit can be problematic, even if is it better than TMPG). DVD Lab Pro is far too complex for what I'm trying to do (though I would love to learn how to do "audio titles" and import PDF files that can be read with a DVD player).

    Thanks for any and all help.
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    If you think DVD-Lab Pro is "too complex", it's because you still haven't seen dvdauthor (the real thing, without a GUI).
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  3. What about TMPGenc Authoring Works 5? You get 4 audio tracks, and as a current user you're entitled to a discount on the upgrade.
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