A small percentage of members seem to have difficulty with creating their own thread and post in any old or new thread they find instead. Maybe a sticky would help these members. I posted similar instructions in a recent thread. Thoughts?

How to start a new topic of your own:

1. Click on the word "Forum" at the top of any VideoHelp page.
2. Scroll down the page and find a forum that matches your topic. "Newbie / General Discussions" is fine if you don't know what else to pick, but your topic must be video-related. Otherwise, there are a few sections covering things that are not video related. For example computer hardware problems can be posted in the "Computer" section under "Other". ...and general interest non-video discussions which are not covered by any of the the non-video forum sections can be posted in "Off Topic", as long as they are allowed under VideoHelp's rules.
3. Click on the forum you want to use.
4. Click on the "Post New Thread" button on the left side of the page above the list of thread titles in the forum, and log in.
5. Choose a title for your thread that describes your topic. Very general titles like "Help me!!!" or "Problems" are not allowed.
6. Type your question.
7. Click on the "Preview" button to review your post before submitting it.
8. Click on the "Submit new thread" button when you are ready to post your question.