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  1. Hi All
    I am having a problem ripping a bluray disc,it One eted /jacks.1963 Bluray.
    The problem is it will stall at 55%.
    I have dvd ranger with cineavi but that does,nt rip it ,nor does Anydvd HD.or anything else for that matter.
    Ive been trying to rip this for 2 weeks now
    I have a copy of chapter nine ,but it has some sort of code written inside it,and the bitrate says zero,but plays fine on a blu ray player!

    Any ideas please,greatly appreciated
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    I'm moving you to our blu-ray ripping section and changed the thread title.

    If latest anydvdhd beta can't rip it then give up.

    Or try on another computer/blu-ray drive.
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  3. Hi
    Thanks for the advice,i get an error message in Antdvdhd saying
    ( error reading sectors 6358684-6356895 ) If that helps.
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