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  1. Hello,
    I have some MPEG-2 video clips that have been edited using Pinnacle Studio 9, and I need to convert them to a format suitable for tablets. I have been advised to go for AVI.

    The point is that when I try "Make Movie" in Studio 9, and select AVI:
    the options given are limited, and the quality of the converted videos is much lower than the original (a huge reduction in quality).

    Could someone kindly advise me on this: is AVI better than MP4 for tablets?

    And, if AVI is the right choice, what would be the best settings.

    The MPEG-2 Files (converted from DVD's VOB files using ffmpeg) have the following values:

    size 720 x 576 (3/4)
    frame rate: 25
    bit rate: 4000 kbps (variable)

    MPEG Layer II
    Channel: Stereo
    Bit Rate: 192 kbps
    Sample Rate: 48 KHz

    In Studio 9, when selecting AVI, the values given are:-

    Compression: PICVideo MJPEG Compressor
    Width: 720
    Height: 576
    Frames/Second 25

    Channels: 16-bit stereo
    Sample Rate: 48kHz

    Thank you in advance,
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  2. '
    i use FREESTUDIO's 'Free MP4 Video Converter'

    i use it to convert edited .ts files (using Avidemux)
    and it does well for my apple devices

    .ts = transport stream (recorded TV shows, edited to remove commercials)

    been doing it that way for years now
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  3. Thank you for your reply. I am downloading "Free Studio" and will give it a try.

    But is AVI the right format for tablets (using Windows)?

    I would appreciate some guidance here. Thanks!
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    Or just get VLC media player for your android or ios tablets. It can play most formats directly.

    But if you want to shrink then convert to MP4/M4V (with h264 video and aac audio) using for example handbrake, vidcoder, xmedia recode. No annoying adware like the freestudio installation...

    Don't use any avi format.
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  5. Many thanks for the information.

    I will try these now.
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