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  1. I know that some software companies must communicate with my computer. Still, I would like to be able to control this. I know the Windows Firewall can control this "phoning home", but I know there is a way to snoop the URLs of the companies trying to communicate with my computer, then put these URLs in the Windows hosts file to block this communication.
    My question is: what software can I use ( and how to use it) to find out the URLs of companies trying to communicate with my computer? I want to put these URLs in the hosts file to block communication. I think these companies can "phone home" at any time, even when their software is not running, so I would need something that would monitor 24/7 and alert me and give the URLs to me.
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    The software would have to be running to initiate the contact, whether it's legit software or malware.

    Even if you suspect something opened a listening port, the port would have to be open in your router and the Windows firewall.
    That also implies the software is running, assuming the port is open and active.

    TCPview from Microsoft will give you a realtime view, probably you'll need a third party firewall to get the monitoring capability.
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