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  1. I have an mkv file here with idx/sub subtitle. I want to convert it to sup format.

    I searched the net and found out about easysup but when I opened the sub file in the app, it's nothing like the easysup page on doom9 ( All I get is a blank screen. and nothing on the "log" window. It's a different story when I open an srt file.

    Plus when I try to open a subtitle, it clearly says "text-based" subtitle files in the dialog box. Well, from what I understand, idx/sub are not text based but actual images thus needing OCR to convert to text.

    I also found subtosup but that's from like 2002 and no further development has been done.

    Thanks for the help
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  3. thanks a lot!! I was using it before but ONLY for sup 2 sub. I never realized it can do the reverse as well looking at the app name.
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