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  1. I downloaded an mp4 file. The audio is completely fine and runs normally, but the video is really choppy and pauses a lot. When played in VLC, under the playback tab I changed the speed to slower, and then everything was fine. The video was not choppy anymore and it matched up with the audio, but it was like in slow motion. What program do I need or what do I need to change to get the video and audio to match at normal speed?
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  2. Post a 10 second sample, one with steady movement. Your problem could be the result of many things and no one here knows what you have from the minimal amount of information you've provided.
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  3. I am completely new to this stuff. What I posted is all I know and I did my best to describe it. If you need more information you have to tell me what to look for.
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  4. You could start by posting the text information given by MediaInfo about your video. But a sample will be necessary to see if it's really choppy.
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