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  1. Apologies if some of this is a bit basic, but finding out the starting points for some of these things is tough, and often confusing.

    Camera: Panasonic GH3
    Computer: iMac (newest one - late 2013)

    I want to stream from the GH3 to Youtube Live (or similar service).

    Camera has a mini HDMI out, as well as an AV Out. I'm pretty sure with the GH3 I need to use the HDMI out for live video.
    From the HDMI out I am guessing I need to go through something like the Black magic Intensity.
    From there I can go into one of my thunderbolt ports in my iMac.
    And from there YouTube Live should pick up my feed.

    How am I doing so far?

    Moving on - the streaming will be for live sports events, so my next question is about video / graphic overlays.

    Can I do a video overlays (solely graphics) via software on my iMac (is there something on Adobe CC that can do this) before the stream hits the Youtube Live stream? Note that this would just be PNG files etc? If not then .....

    If I wanted to overlay another video onto the initial video, or even do any sort of video mixing from 2, 3 or 4 sources I am guessing I need a video mixer? I am guessing I can't take a few sources into the various thunderbolt ports on my iMac and mix on the computer to produce one video stream?

    If I need a video mixer, would I then need the Black Magic intensity (or similar) or would the video mixer deal with that?

    I've got more questions, but I'll leave it there for now Just trying to get my head around all this, and exactly the best route to go (with financial means in mind of course).

    Thanks for any and all feedback / suggestions etc.
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  2. Sorry to 'bump' this up, but any help in any of the areas is appreciated. Even if its not the whole picture. Thanks all.
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