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  1. Hi,

    Apologies if this is an amateur question but I'm new to this!

    Long story short - I've been asked to do a live band karaoke but the pub wants the lyrics to appear on a screen as usual in time with what we play. The karaoke DVDs have been supplied so the solution (in theory) is simple. Add 8 clicks to the beginning of the track so the band can start at the right time in sync with the lyrics and use in ear monitors.

    Unfortunately I'm stuck as to how to do this. There's a menu on each DVD so really I need to take each individual track and edit a click onto the beginning (I can do that fine once I have the audio) and then assemble it back onto the DVD (menu and all) so it remains in time with the streaming lyrics. It just means the audio needs to start earlier than on the original DVD so there's time for the clicks to come in.

    Anyone out there able to give me some guidance? Preferably a Mac friendly version using free programs but I can use Windows if needed.

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    The editing in the clicks forthe audio is the easiest part. You have to rip the disc first and change the timing of the karaoke text as well. I'm assuming in this case that it is standard DVD subs, but there have been other variations. Then you have to re-author a new dvd.

    Adding Mac-friendliness into the equation made it just that much more difficult, as most useful utilities for doing these things are PC-only.

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