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  1. I want to use 2-3 wireless microphones in my class as well as the audio from a video in the computer. The computer system is hooked up to 2 large speakers in the classroom, so I want to use the speakers that are already there. It would be very difficult to tap into the wiring that connects the computer to the speakers - it is a sealed cabinet - so I am limited to either a usb port or mic input on the front of the computer case. Is there some software that I can install on the computer so that I can channel both the input from the microphones and the audio from the dvd to the speakers? I need it to be done in real time, not prerecorded.
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    Wireless mic (w/ transmitters)->Wireless Receivers->Mixer/Multi-channel A/D adapter box->USB. I would recommend pro wireless packages (xmit+rcvr) that output XLR audio, and a multi-ch adapter that accepts XLR in. Would need to DL drivers for the USB box.

    Then the Sound Control panel should be able to set to mix the "play" of your USB input alongside your DVD/WAV's playback. There might be some latency, but hopefully it won't be too objectionable.

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