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  1. Hi guys
    I've an ip camera watching a bird nest. It produces a black and white stream in mjpeg format, 640x480, 30fps

    The issue i have is that the band width requirement is huge, about a gig an hour, and the birdcam site's internet is 3g mobile broadband that has a 10 gigabyte per month limit

    I've got plenty of computing power available on site, id like some software that can :

    Read the stream from the ip cam

    Convert it to something more bandwidth friendly on the fly (mama bird hardly moves so it shouldn't be a huge bandwidth as the frame to frame changes are minimal)

    Restream it to any connected clients

    Bonus: keep track of how many bytes sent

    Can anyone suggest a free or cheap software that will do this, and also what output format would you recommend ?

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    VLC Media player! It can stream directly to flash or html5 compatible video.
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