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    What Im trying to accomplish is the

    1) Rip a DVD (Main Movie)
    2) Re-Author with a single Jpg for a menu

    We get quite a few family made DVD's at funerals that don't have a menu, So currently we need to:

    Display a photo on the projector
    and before playing the families DVD
    switch from the PC (displaying the jpg)
    to the DVD Player (Family DVD)

    I want to make this simple and quick, So I have been looking for freeware that I can make batch scripts to:

    RIP to selected folder
    Re Author adding a single jpg as a menu (Play to start)
    Burn to DVD

    It can be multiple programs, any help will be great
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    It wont be that simple just using command line tools in an automatic batch. Especially if not all dvds are exactly the same.

    But you can use pgcdemux to demux the main movie, then use dvdauthor to add a jpg with the video/audio tracks and make/author a new dvd. I haven't use the command line versions so I can't give you any examples how to use them...

    A manually version would be to use vob2mpg and add the mpg in for example dvdstyler, dvdauthorgui with a still picture. Burn with imgburn.
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