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  1. Hello and thanks in advance for any help. Long story short, while trying to use MSU Denoise 2.5.1 in VirtualDub on a test clip of colored 1080p video, the output file is leeched of all color, appearing as a very dark black and white. This happened after simply dropping the test clip in VirtualDub, loading MSU Denoiser, configuring it with default settings, then saving the avi file (with video compression x264 configured to CQ 22). I've searched about and come to think that it's some kind of colorspace issue, but I'm too ignorant to find a solution. Naively, I thought that VirtualDub would sort out the proper end result, but I guess not. Anyway, if some kind soul would be willing to stop laughing long enough to point me in the right direction then I'd be much obliged. Thanks again for your time.
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