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  1. Does anyone know of any custom firm/software that can add streaming functionality to this otherwise cheap and decent box? I got it as a gift so I'd like to make use of it. Unfortunately I don't use disks of any sort. As I store everything on a server system in living room. It seems this player should be capable and has only been gimped by software to encourage purchasing a more expensive model. Yet it was free... But I'd like to use for more than Netflix. And it's a pain copying video files to thumb drive, especially as a plex server is running thanx
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    Custom firmwares basically don't exist any more. This is not like 12+ years ago when various Chinese models could be modified. The only custom firmware I've heard of for any DVD or BD player in years where the player was made by a major manufacturer was I heard of one firmware for a specific Philips DVD player sold in Brazil and all it did was add support for the special accent marks the Portuguese language uses.
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