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  1. I have done simple copies with the old Nero program and some of Imgburn but I'd like to know definitely where is the best guide and free ware to transfer my encodes (over 1 gb most of them) to individual dvds.

    Also how are they read back in case I need to add to the HD again?

    The goal is to archive media encodes which I have edited/made from various sources. If I have to reconstruct a HD I want to be able to retreive these dvd burns.

    Will the burn play in such progs as VLC?
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    What format are they in at present?

    Do you want them in DVD compatible format? Then you may need to encode them and author them before burning. Try AVStoDVD or similar.
    If you want fancy menus, then there are other options.

    If you just want them unchanged as data, just burn them directly to DVD disc with ImgBurn.

    VLC will play most anything, DVD, MKV, MPEG, XVID, etc., as will several other PC players.
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  3. Thanks for answering.

    I have successfully used avs to dvd and it 'works a treat' as one of the regulars here is fond of saying.

    Imgburn then is an answer but there are not 30 other possibilities as was suggested to me-- meaning my friend said this sort of thing is that easy to find.

    Archiving and easy transfer back to HD in case of the need for a rebuild is necessary is the goal.
    The file format is consistently avi since I have had bad encodes using Handbrake for mkv-- Vidcoder the same.

    The tools I use are old but still work. These are described by hello_hello in depth elsewhere in threads I have made and have been able to implement.

    One day maybe MeGui/H265 yada yada will give effective tiny encodes. But for now I am using what I find to be 'best practices' for my needs.

    One last thing:

    Imgburn has so much hijackware in it (tools bars and other tripe) , I am afraid to get any new downloads. Are there any 'clean' versions at VH or elsewhere?
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    I for one have NO IDEA what you are talking about.
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    Nothing wrong with Imgburn just be observant when installing to untick the unneeded junk. Also like hech24 I have no idea what you are talking about?
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    To convert/author to DVD compatible video use avstodvd. I actually never found a program for that I liked but that one was by the far the best of a bad lot.

    Use imgburn ... and don't check the adware boxes when you install it. No sympathy there.

    However, converting from HD or any other .avi file to dvd format video and then back to HD is just ridiculous. There just is no way to do that with decent quality. Forget it. Just buy more HD storage.
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