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  1. Here is a link of the video i am trying to download:

    I spent alot of time trying almost all the software everyone suggests including one that need installing and plugins for the browser. And the best that I could do was manage to download about a 30MB .f4v file which is only a good 7 minute segment of the entire video which should be an hour in duration.
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  2. China is a known disperser of virus's, trojans and other bad stuff so I doubt if any U.S. person is going to click on that link.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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  3. See next message...
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  4. Hi ,

    @Duskre : Also

    To get link , for each stream , open :
    Copy each "http... .f4v?..." in Firefox for download .
    After , use VLC (2.1.3) for watching each video segments .
    !!! NOTE : I don't know the difference between "3" , "2" and "52" . !!!
    Regards .
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