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    Hi! Apologies for the n00bish questions but I just wanted to check I had the basics rights before I purchase anything. That said I know that a lot of people enjoy doing shopping lists so...

    I'm intending to record 'talking head' material. Interviews, panels, conference speakers, etc.

    I think I need:
    - decent 1080p HD camcorder (XA10 is sweet but a bit beyond my budget) with line in
    - portable sound mixer (to coordinate the mikes)
    - lapel mike , wireless with receiver
    - hand held mike (for questions from the audience)
    - tripod
    - some type of portable light

    I was hoping to spend a total of 2,000 pound sterling (3k dollars). It doesn't have to be hollywood quality anyway, but a decent starter setup for corporate events etc.

    Is there some sort of 'basic kit' I can buy somewhere, or can you make individual recommendations for these items?

    Thank you!!!
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  2. I donīt knok if thereīs a basic kit as you say and donīt know either if itīd meet your needs/budget so Iīll suggest the kind of equipment I would choose in the situation you describe. Of course others will have many different opinions and itīs not uncommon to find the typical "for me the best of the best is: (exotic and/or expensive super PRO gear)" or "the best is what I use" kind of posts and replies, also get ready for the each time more fierce HDSLR vs camcorder debate. So I repeat, this may or may not be helpful for you but hopefully could serve as a starting point to consider.
    -Camcorder: I would choose among these for a start (of course there are many more options, but I think they could fit the bill performance and features wise) Of course rememeber to use as many manual controls as posible during your shooting and donīt make the mistake of leaving the auto audio level on!
    -Tripod: This is one area where many seasoned members will cring if they donīt see a big boyīs name but for the purposes you describe something like this could suffice (in fact I have one very simmilar and itīs served me well, of course it doesnīt mean I donīt wish I had a Sachtler, a Cartoni or even a Manfrotto or Libec but at least it does what it should), also I mention this one in particular (there are several chinese made just like this one under different brands) because it has a zoom controller. I have a simmilar zoom controller (but mine is made by Libec) I can tell you you should really consider doing yourself the favor of purchasing one, itīs a big help while operating the camcorder.
    -Microphone: In the B&H listing of lavalier wireless systems this is the least expensive UHF pro unit and I think worth checking out.
    and if you use more than one, you are correct assuming a mixer will make your life easier, so hereīs my suggestion (in this case thinking about a two mike setup)
    -Mixer: This is an inexpensive but good AC powered one:
    Or if you need a portable battery powered one:
    Of course youīll need an adaptor like this to connect the mixerīs output to the camcorderīs mic input if it doesnīt have XLR balanced inputs
    -Audio adapter: I also have one of these and highly recomend it
    -Lightning: There are several kits available and LED ones are worth considering.
    or fluorescent
    I hope this helps, at least as a start
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    Thank you so much Julitomg, this is soooo useful!!

    Stupid question perhaps, but if I wanted to host a panel with say, 5 speakers, would I then just buy 5 of these nice wireless mikes and a larger mixer with more inputs?

    Thank you!
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