HI all

Im new to this forum, after endless search for my problem i decided to write here maybe someone can help me.

Few weeks ago my Panasonic DMR-EH67EC-S DVD recorder started showing HDDERR on display and i cant use it this way, since i live in a country where we dont have Panasonic service repair shop or Panasonic representative i decided to find out what kind of hard drive is inside, and managed to find a same kind of same size but after replacing i still receive the same message, then after reading i found out i need some kind of firmware or hdd code to initialize the hard drive and for my suprise i could not find it here :


soooo i sent a letter to Panasonic and received an answer to take it to official panasonic customer service that i dont have in my country.
Can anyone help me with this? Maybe someone owns a same recorder and can get the firmware out of it (dont know how but who knows ,maybe just maybe) or maybe someone has this firmware and can send it to me. Anyway all suggestions would be great, im not in a position to buy a new recorder and i love this one, also i dont have a servicing place where i can take it nearby soooo im counting on you people on this forum.

Thank you!