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  1. I'm trying to stream some video from my computer (with VLC) to an Android app I'm working on. Some videos I'm able to watch just fine, and some refuse to play at all, giving me "RTSP/1.0 457 Invalid range" in the error log.

    I'm relatively familiar with how RTSP works, and I know this is being given by the server as a response to the PLAY command; however, I can't determine what is causing this problem and how I can fix it. I'm using Android's built in video player, so I have no control over how it formats its RTSP requests. Is this just a bug in Android? I'm trying to transcode all my videos to H.264/AAC, so I don't think it has to do with supported media formats.
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  2. Hi ,

    @ParkerKemp : Read the document , maybe this will help .

    Regards .
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