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    i just ran across these articles where Adobe Premiere CS6 and CC are tested with various gaming cards and workstation cards as well as with high end quad and hexa core intel cpu's. very nicely done articles and i didn't realize it until later that it's done by the system builders Puget:

    the funny thing is these guys have basically put up a tech site on their sales site and i have to say they take an interesting slant in their articles, in some ways i think these guys do a better job reviewing hardware than some of the established big boys in reviewing:

    thought you guys might enjoy the read.
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  2. Was there a mention of GPU accelerated quality in any of those articles? I didn't look through them particularly thoroughly but they seemed to be all about benchmarks to me.

    Another article Adobe Premiere users might "enjoy" reading.

    Adobe Premiere vs Media Encoder

    "Based on the title of this article, you are probably wondering what differences there could possibly be between encoding in Adobe Media Encoder versus encoding directly in Adobe Premiere. Aren’t they using the same processes for encoding? When all the settings are the same in both applications, shouldn’t the output look identical and take the same amount of time? You would think so, but our findings will blow your mind…"
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