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  1. Have some DVD's that I want to extract the files from and convert mpeg2 ... from .vob to .avi (relaise these are containers not video format)

    I have tried using AviDemux 2.6.8... but getting strange results ...
    Sometimes it gets to end and a little pop-up tells me it has completed, other times it just shuts itself down ?
    When I then run the output file ... there are sometimes for example long periods of where there should be video it has only a 'still' but audio plays. Then video will recommence. (in-synch)

    First time of using this prog so maybe just not using it right.

    Can someone help with what settings I should be using ... I want to extract the video with no loss (appreciate it has alreday been compressed to MPEG2)

    I have loaded file ... (Mediainfo uploaded if reqd) this is one part of .vob

    I then set Video output to be HUFFY
    Audio I leave as 'copy'
    Output format set as "Avi Muxer"

    Then click on 'Save' it prompts for file name and commences conversion & save.
    It then shuts down with no message ... but there is a saved file ... other times I get a pop up saying completed successfully.

    Some play OK once converted (MPC or VLC) others have 'still' instead of video but audio does play, these one will not play at all on MPC only on VLC

    Am I setting something wrong ?

    If I load 1st part of .vob shouldn't it also load other parts (or at least give the option)

    I don't need to use HUFFY ... just thought it logical choice for minimizing further loss.

    Also Lagartith does not appear as an codec option, I use it on other progs on PC ... is it not supported in AviDemux ?

    Reason for this is that I want to take the files and save some sections (cut out) ... for later editing .... rather than have to save whole DVD
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  2. As an extra bit of info ...I tried 'handbrake' and it converted (individually) the files to both .mp4 and .mkv containers using H264 and both of these play with no problem.
    Did it as a test to confirm no issues with source files.

    I looking to get 'best' quality I can from the MPEG2 source ........... should I continue to try and get AviDemux working (FormatFactory had same problem) or just use Handbrake and use mkv or mp4 instead.
    The options I have with handbrake under 'mkv' are H264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or VP3

    Under 'MP4' container options are H264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4

    I was trying to get to avi as container as it the most Windows compliant.

    Did comparative test and H264 vastly better than other options ... so if I can't get Avidemux to work ... I'll go with H264 in mkv container.
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    Most good editors should suppport dvd mpeg2. So I would cut out parts to it instead(copy mode in avidemux). mpg2cut2 might work better for it.

    If you really want avi I'm not sure what else you can try.
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