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    when ever I use the arrow keys to move forward or sometimes dragging the time of the video with my mouse it sometimes gets this weird bug:
    sounds get muted, videos continues playing normally but everything I press or click is not and then after some seconds it crushes

    potplayer 32-bit
    version: 1.5.39659 - beta *after checking I noticed I have the 32 bit I will download 64 since my OS is w7 64bit and see if it fixes it

    okay I am stupid, that was the problem downloaded the new version and didn't get that bug at all, I used to use a video renderer with crossfade maybe that was the problem, in the new version I downloaded (64-bit) it doesn't seem to have any...
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    Glad to see you solved your problem, now please change the title of your thread to

    [SOLVED] potplayer crushing all the time
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