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  1. I'm just getting started ripping my DVD/BR collection to my PC. I've already gotten help in this forum with some video issues and just wanted to get some advice on the audio settings. I've read a lot of threads on the subject, but with all the different settings I am still not sure which is best (I'm converting with VidCoder). My goal is to have the best audio track available for my 5.1 receiver, which can decode Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, as well as having audio which will be compatible with my PC (2 speaker stereo), 2nd TV with soundbar, and iPad. All devices utilize software which allows me to select audio tracks, so having more than one is no problem (I am not concerned about a somewhat larger file size). When I convert to a MP4 container using a 5.1 ch track, and use the defaults (Codec - AAC(FAAC) / Mixdown - Dolby PLII / SR - Same as source), the only audio track available is AAC-Stereo. The default also has an additional encoding for AC3 Passthru, but I think that is just for AppleTV which I don't have.

    Should I be be adding multiple tracks to accomplish my goal, or just selecting the best track available for my home theater system and using several encodings to make it compatible with the other HW? For either, is there a specific codec and/or mixdown setting I should use? I have no preference to either MKV or MP4, whichever is best for what I would like to accomplish.

    Lastly, I realize not all videos have the same available tracks, but it is usually pretty clear which to choose. However, I have run into these choices a few times and would appreciate some direction:

    (AC3 - 5.1 ch) OR (TrueHD - 5.1 ch) - sometimes it has 7.1 ch

    (DTS - 5.1 ch) OR (DTS-HD MA - 5.1 ch)

    Thanks in advance...
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  2. -keep original if size does not matter
    -you can extract just core from trueHD or DTSMA , this will get you 5.1, 640kbps, even if you have 7.1 original:
    eac3to.exe "original.THD+AC3" "out.ac3" -core  -LOG="eac3to_log.LOG"
    eac3to.exe "original.DTS" "out.ac3" -core -LOG="eac3to_log.LOG"
    you can encode to some lesser bitrate and downmix as well to 5.1 (-down6) or stereo (-downstereo)
    eac3to.exe "original.DTS" "out.ac3" -256 -down6 (-or -downstereo) -LOG="eac3to_log.LOG"
    always use MKV container where besides of that original you can include that extra track so it is compatible with devices that would not play originals , or you can use just that extracted core, whatever works for you
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    Apps that support AC3 (and presumably apps that support DTS) are SUPPOSED to be able to do live downmixes of 5.1/6.1/7.1 to 2ch when their output is on 2 channels. It's part of the spec, and the live downmixing being done is for the most part GOOD ENOUGH, so there is little need to make extra 2ch downmixed copies. There are exceptions, but they are rare.
    The harder part would be finding apps on mobile devices that natively accept the more advanced lossless HD codecs (TrueHD, DTS-HD-MA).

    Another suggestion would be to just rip to ISO (or demuxed to full-rez, original codec, multiple-track MKV/MP4 file) and use a streaming/DLNA server to do on-the-fly conversion sending to your specific mobile device.

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  4. Thanks for the replies. Excuse my inexperience, but I believe you are saying that after selecting the Audio track on the VidCoder main window, I should then choose the proper codec in the Audio settings screen to do a core extract. Please see attached screenshots. In this example I should select DTS-HD-MA, correct? And which codec should I choose?
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