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  1. Hi,

    I recently sync'ed audio on some tv shows and would like to replace the 720p video with 1080p but not have to resync the audio. Is there a way to see the delay I applied to each file ?

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  2. MediaInfo will show the audio delay/advance.
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  3. Assuming the video of the 720p and 1080p versions are exactly the same......

    Open the 720p version with MKVMergeGUI. Add the 1080p version. De-select the 720p video stream. Save the remaining streams (1080p video and audio) as a new MKV. If there was originally an audio delay, it should remain unchanged.

    That assumes when you synced the audio previously you did it by applying a delay to the audio and not the video. It's pretty likely you did, but I just thought I'd mention it. Once you've saved the new MKV you can check the new MKV and the old one with MediaInfo to confirm the audio delay remains unchanged. You might need to use the View/HTML or View/Text modes in MediaInfo to see it (I always use View/HTML so I can't remember what the other modes show). If there's an audio delay it'll be shown in the audio section as "delay relative to video". If there's no delay, you won't see that field.
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  4. thanks to both of you
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