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  1. I have a movie on MOV with subtitles in SRT. I would like to create a new copy of the file with hardcode subtitles. So far I've tried Handbrake, Aimersoft Video Converter and Winx HD Converter and found that most offer very limited option to customize the subtitles. I could only change the font and size, but cannot adjust the position of the subtitles as well as the alignment or indent (the subtitles are quite lengthy and I want to keep them in 1 line while most applications annoyingly keep breaking the sentences when there is still plenty of space on the sides of the frame).

    Anyone know which programs that offer more texts adjustment options?
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    Tencoder, you can adjust the vertical position or use Aegisub and resave the srt as ass no need to reencode the video
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  3. MediaCoder can set vertical position, font, font size, black bar ..., for SRT.
    If you really want to hardcode.
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  4. Thanks very much! I just tried both Tencoder and MediaCoder which do offer exactly what I'm looking for in terms of subtitles adjustment. However strangely both of them have a problem with displaying some characters in some Asian languages (some characters are not displayed in full or have some small parts cut off - which is strange, I've never seen something like this before as it always display correctly in other programs). No problem with English.

    I looked around and found that the other program that seems to provide similar options, and can display all languages fonts correctly, is Xilisoft Video Converter. Haven't tried the full version yet but will see how it goes.
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