Greetings. I am wondering if someone can help me learn how to properly create these files. I dont want to just be given the answer I would like to know how to create them myself.

As an example. A guide I read indicated the proper syntax for a .strm file would be "rtmp: pageURL= swfUrl="

I am using a tool called URL Snooper to gather the proper information. When using it on how do I determine the proper information? Ive also used a tool called URL Helper, it looks pretty much the same as snooper however has a MEDIA tab with URLS. When using it I get a URL of the tool indicates it is a FLV file, my assumption is this is the rtmp file or is this wrong? Also, this link does not show up in the URL Snooper app. which im assuming would represent the pageurl=?

And wich im assuming would be the swfURL=?

So I am unable to find an RTMP file. I was also unable to find an RTMP file on another new station site I was working on. So I tried creating an rtmp file using the above links which read as follows.


pageurl= live=true timeout=10
I also tried replacing the first HTTP with RTMP with no luck.

When I go into the strm file on XBMC I get folders for each link. Selecting the first one loads the video which immediately pauses. If I press play it will play 15 seconds of video but then stops playing.

So on another site someone gave me information for creating a .strm file for another news site, but they used a completely different syntax. the code they gave me reads as following.
Using this format I created a .strm file. XBMC will not play it though. I get separate folders for each <tag>. I am however able to create a playlist in a My XML plugin using that code. Using that playlist plays the file without issue.

I did try using this syntax to duplicate with the first link in this post but again it paused immediately and when I pressed play played 15 seconds and then stopped.

Im really sorry for the wall of text this post has produced but wanted to be as thorough as is possible. I guess one thing I don't understand is how do I get RTMP link?

Whats the difference in the syntax's being used in the two codes?

Can someone please help me learn how to get the proper information? What are the differences between the types I might come across? Do they require different coding syntax be used?

Kind of confused at this point and really yearning to learn this stuff.

Thanks in advance for any help.