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    After I record a video with my iPhone 4S, how can I tell what the size of that video file is?
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    Filesize = (Average) Bitrate * Runningtime

    Do a number of test recordings on the phone, copy to a PC and MediaInfo will show what the Average & Max Bitrate work out to be. Then, just plug that bitrate into the above equation & do the math. Assuming your recording isn't that varied from most from that phone/tablet/camera, you'll have a close indicator, depending on how long your clip runs.

    Example: my Android phone's main camera records at 14Mbps (aka 105MB/minute). I shoot 1 minute = 105MB. I shoot 4min = 420MB. I shoot 10min. = ~1.05GB.


    <edit>Don't forget to take into account the Audio's bitrate as well</edit>
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