I need to get past my basic rudimentary video knowledge. I am an audio engineer. I run a commercial recording facility, do live sound for higher end bands and am spending more time on stage these days. More and more I've been hiring out video for concerts. Typically 3 or 4 cameras used live, projecting on screens and sometimes recorded as well.

I am looking at investing in a system to do this instead of hiring it out. My understanding standing of the gear I will need is the cameras, video switcher, computer to record on, projectors and video screens.

With the cameras typically we have two out front on tripods one at the very back of the hall and one or two go pros for stage action shots. I am wondering what quality camera is need for each of these positions. We are projecting onto 12-18 foot screens.

Video switcher. I am wondering if it is better to get a video switcher that is part of a software package and buy a camera interface that uses FireWire or thunderbolt to get the various streams to the computer or use a hardware video switcher.

Projectors- sometimes we use rear projection sometimes we use front projection. Do some projectors do both?

That is the start of my questions. Any help is appreciated.

Best regards