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    I want to follow this guides setup for editing
    1.Media cache & Media cache database files, created on importing media into a project. They contain indexed, conformed audio and peak files for waveform display.
    Typically small files, but lots of them, so in the end they still occupy lots of disk space.

    2.Preview (rendered) files, created when the time-line is rendered for preview purposes, the red bar turned to green. Read all the time when previewing the time-line.

    3.Project files, including project auto-save files, that are constantly being read and saved as auto-save files and written when saving your edits.

    4.Media files, the original video material ingested from tape or card based cameras. Typically long files, only used for reading, since PR is a non-destructive editor.

    5.Export files, created when the time-line is exported to its final delivery format. These files are typically only written once and often vary in size from several hundred KB to tens of GB
    So for my system: SSD/2xHDD 7200RMP

    C: OS,Program,Pagefile
    D: Media,Projects
    E: Previews, Media Cache, Exports

    Posting here while I go try figure it out too, if you know any of steps to change default setting in Sony Vegas for it match the setup mentioned above (any of the steps) I would appreciate intructions get it done.

    eg. This is my starting point, anyone know what this corresponds to in table above:
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  2. It refers to #2. But you're way over-thinking this. Keep your project files on your C: drive, distribute your media files over your D: and E: drives for best throughput.
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