Hey everyone!

I'm talking about movies with 5.1 sound here.

So usually the deal is - the center track mostly contains the speech, and some music and SFX residue. The other tracks mostly contain the music and SFX, and a bit of the speech residue.
So everything has a bit of everything, just to different degrees.

Did you guys ever work with a movie that is dichotomous? Meaning, the center track has 0% music, the other tracks have 0% speech.

I'm practicing music composition for films, so I've been EQing out the music residue from the center track, to keep JUST the speech and SFX (it works to a high degree) but it's damn tiring, and takes dozens of hours for a feature film.

If I could find a movie that the center track just serves me the speech and SFX without the music on a silver platter, I'd be delighted. I could start actually composing for it right away, instead of dealing with technical problems first.