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  1. Hello

    Since I last time edited videos, have passed few years.
    Earlier I used Videodub, but it required several hard to recall and find plugins to support different formats.

    What is best free lossless video editing tool of 2014?
    Format support required mp4, mpg, mov, wmd, mkv, avi, flv?

    Required is just simple to cut off unwanted scenes application, not any picture editing.

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    You wont find one free software that works GOOD with all those formats. You have to use several tools like Free Video Dub, avidemux, video to video converter, asfbin, mpeg streamclip. Expect lots of crashes, bugs, etc. Lossless cutting is difficult.
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  3. FLV is the key problem here. Even with L-Smash Works and DirectShowSource, many FLV cannot be read correctly.
    Quite a lot of them are actually a series of static image plus some audio and a bunch of script. Basically unplayable except using Flash Player.

    Also, unlike audio, video editing can hardly be lossless. What one can do is to set a healthy bitrate or Quality setting(e.g. CRF=16)
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  4. Thanks for your support - own you a bear guys.

    Avidemux 2.6 did most the work but some mp4 files were different and doesn't play or move on Avidemux from the beginning and can't be shorten/cut. But save speed is very high and from results I'd say it's lossless. WMV saved version doesn't play on VLC player correctly - there is error "no suitable decoder module" VLC doesn't support video format "WMAP" ... and no audio. Still haven't got time to check what is the problem.
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    Render the whole thing as a PNG sequence with the same pixel dimensions.
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