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    I recently bought a chromecast to play videos off my computer. I am plaing MKV files through the chrome window and I am getting video but no sound. What could be the problem?
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    Try plex instead. It has chromecast support.

    However if you have dts in it the mkv file I'm not sure you'll be able to play it properly. You may need to either hook the chromecast directly to a hdmi amp and than that to your tv or use transcoding software to get a playable audio file off it.

    Use mediainfo to identify the audio that is in the mkv fle.

    Edit - I can't remebmer but I'm not even sure if chromecast has ac3 5.1 support natively. So transcoding might be the only way to go if you don't have a hdmi amp.

    Barring that you can do what I just did and get a hdmi to fiber optic splitter box. It has hdmi passthrough and outputs either a spdif signal or a left/right rca output. I did that so I could use the chromecast on an old hdtv that has scratchy speakers and even its audio output is scratchy (has rca output jacks but that output is scratchy).

    It was only 30.00 or so plus shipping on ebay (usd). Just search for hdmi to spdif chromecast and you'll find the model I just got.

    Just read closely at the description to make sure it will passthrough the 5.1 audio to the spdif. It should but I saw one that said it wasn't a decoder. So be careful.
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