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    My son's Xbox360 gaming console is connected to a Dell LCD monitor utilizing the Xbox360 VGA cable. My next challenge is to connect a Roxio GameCapture unit between the console and the monitor. The GameCapture's inputs/outputs are component video (YPbPr), allowing the user to play games in hi-definition while recording them in standard. What steps will I need to take to connect the component video cables from the GameCapture to the VGA port on my monitor? I'm certainly no A/V expert but I suspect a simple YPbPr to VGA adapter isn't the answer.

    Secondly, my monitor also has a DVI-D input. I would like to utilize this connection when the Roxio GameCapture is not in use. The Xbox360 also has an HDMI port which I can use to connect it to the monitor via an HDMI to DVI-D adaptor......? Check me if I'm wrong but I believe an adaptor is all that is required in that case.

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