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    I'm happy with my 5 years old Panasonic DVX 100B recommended by experts of VideoHelp.
    However, it's not HD quality, it took me 60 minutes to convert one recorded DV tapes into digital file before editing. Over the year, all my event / conference recording projects were 10-12 hours in a day. I need to burn whole day video into several DVDs. It's really pain to spend another 12 hours to convert DV tapes into digital files, edited in AP, and output to DVDs.
    Just wondering what digital HD models (Panasonic preferable) to upgrade from DVX 100B ? I don't need fancy features, only 1080 HD quality, save to internal or memory cards, full manual control and XLR audio input. It will be nice if I can make use of DVX 100B existing accessories on new model, something like wired remote control, wide angle converter...etc.

    Thanks in advance.
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