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  1. I have read through countless threads on multiple forums and discussion pages looking for a solution. Unfortunately, I have not found one that worked for me. I recorded a video using my Galaxy S4 that is about 4 minutes long. I throw it into Vegas, clicked yes to adjust the project to the media's format, deleted the audio track that came with the file, and added another audio track. I also trimmed the video a little bit to have it start at 00:00:34;29. I have tried changing the Project Properties Template to every single option and rendered with every option under MP4. Nothing seems to work. I still get the black screen after rendering. The audio works but the video is not showing.

    I also notice as my video is undergoing the process of rendering, on the preview screen to the right, it is black and never shows my video.

    However, when I am not rendering, I can play the video along with the audio. It also shows on my timeline. I have also unchecked the box that closes media files when not the active application.

    I am not sure why my video isn't getting rendered.

    Can someone please help?


    I use Windows 8.


    I did some more digging and found a solution!
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  2. Post your solution to help others that may have the same problem.
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    The "Solution" is to transcode to something else. That works 100% of the time.
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